Speakeasy - John Mulaney

Oh look, it’s my two favourite comedians talking to each other. Again, this is Speakeasy, the webshow where Paul F. Tompkins interviews Hollywood types over drinks. It is always funny and interesting, so go watch it already!

Seriously, this one has 29 views right now, and two of those are me.

Thank you for this. Via that video I also found Paul talking to Alison Brie.

So a year ago I started a music based Tumblr blog where I shared music that had caught my ear. For some reason I gave it the slightly unsavoury name ‘Munkeycop’s Musical Nutsack’. It’s now 300+ posts later and I figured it was worth creating a Spotify playlist made up of the choices from the last year. Granted not everything from the blog could be found on Spotify but there’s a good chunk here to get stuck into. Either play it in order or bung it on shuffle, sit back and see where it takes you.